When the Pandemic hit in March 2020 HunkyPunk was a little backroom industry selling on Facebook and to family and friends. The business came about as a way out of severe depression, agoraphobia, and mental health issues. It was something to focus on and give some meaning back to existing. Through Lockdown One we came up with various crafting ideas to make up and sell, with much of the money going to charity. As people got to know our name and our work, they started to message us with more ideas, and soon we were working every day and quickly outgrowing our small back room. So mid-pandemic we decided our next move should be a shop and full of excitement and optimism that we wouldn’t be locked away forever we started to tentatively look at properties. Things then started to move quite quickly for us, as one half of the partnership is far from patient. We found a shop, right here in North Petherton, which was just perfect. We begged and borrowed, called in favours, and were left owing a few and eventually on 22nd August we opened our doors for the very first time. People were excited about the new shop and business was fabulous and then Lockdown Two hit us and the doors shut again. November was spent swamping social media with adverts and taking orders for Christmas gifts which we were delivering locally and posting daily. Reopening in the lead up to Christmas was just what we needed, and people rushed back to start preparing for the celebrations. We are so thankful that they did as after Christmas Eve we didn’t open again until April. People still supported us and we carried on working in the back of the shop filling orders and delivering locally. Reopening for the third time on April 12th was both exciting and nerve wracking, people were scared to go out, and when they did venture out, they had no money for anything but the necessities of life. But, as the months went on people began to brave coming out, they would pop in for a look round, often coming back later with friends or to purchase something they had seen. As we reached our 1st birthday as a shop, we had been closed more than we had been open and on several occasions I really did question our sanity, but we are on the run up to Christmas once again, people have started to place orders, new customers appear on a weekly basis as people resume some sort of “normal” way of life and we count our blessings on a daily basis. If we can start a business in the middle of a global pandemic and still be going strong, then the future of HunkyPunk looks good and that is all down to our community and the loyal, supportive customers we are lucky enough to have.