This month we caught up with Bradley who runs “Bradley’s Car Detailing – Luxury Car Detailing and Valeting” based in Stockmoor.

So Bradley, lovely to finally meet you, have you always wanted to run your own car detailing business?

I have always had a passion for cars from the age of 4 years old, playing with my toy cars on the window sill in my bedroom. I started cleaning my dad’s and neighbours’ cars from the age of 10 with just a bucket and sponge. As the years have gone on I have learnt better techniques with cleaning and which cleaning products to use to get the vehicles to showroom condition, factory fresh.

Out of interest when did you start your business?
Possibly badly timed but it just so happened that I started my business as the first lockdown was announced back in March 2020.

What exactly do you do?

It’s all about giving the cars that much needed TLC. I use a variety of top quality products to get the cars in showroom condition. I offer a range of services such as maintenance wash packages, new vehicle packages to seal the new paintwork with ceramic coating, machine polishing 2-3 stage, headlight restoration, number plate removal and complete Detail packages available.

What cars have you Detailed?

I have detailed various many different makes and models. A few that stick in my mind are the Nissan GTR, Mercedes C43 AMG, BMW M3, M4, x4 competition, Audi RS6, S3. Even a Ford escort mark 2 for a customer that wanted it looking fresh for a car show.

What do you enjoy about your business?

I have a real passion for cars and absolutely love what I do, I guess enjoying your job comes easy when it is something you love. Seeing the customer’s face when they pick their car up and seeing how pleased they are really gives me a buzz! I enjoy the various cars I detail and enjoy the challenge getting them to factory fresh standard.

Where do you see your Business going, are you looking to expand or buy a workshop ?

In the future I would ideally like to have my own unit for my loyal and lovely customers to bring their cars to. The bigger space would be useful and I feel would enable my business to gradually expand. Hopefully I would be able to take someone on to help out. I strongly believe it’s all about taking your time on a car and getting the end result perfect. It’s all about quality with me not quantity.

How can people get in contact with you?

Customers looking to place a booking or have any enquiries can give me a call on 07443-475074, email me at or via Facebook by searching for Bradley’s Car Detailing